Digital Marketing

Paper ads are getting old, that’s because they don’t last.


By creating standardized advertisements, we can focus on getting them to right people. We no longer have to worry about people throwing out our flyers and handouts because Digital Marketing gives us a competitive advantage in showing our ads to the people who care about them. In the industry that’s called targeted marketing.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

Who doesn’t want everyone in the country to talk about their advertisement.


Viral Marketing Campaigns are not typically marketing tactics, that’s because the odds of everyone in the country talking about a local bakery are very slim. Don’t let companies tell you that they can create Viral Marketing Campaigns because they aren’t made, they just happen.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Because you’re already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Organic social media marketing simply means, people are interacting with your business on their social media accounts, from commenting on your photos and posts to re-tweeting them for all their users to share. Social media is a great way to get free traffic and buzz around your business, remember not to under-estimate it.

Blogging and Vloging

Might as well tell everyone what you think


Blogs are great way to interact with existing and new customers by telling them your thoughts, opinions and sharing what you’re up too. Some people take these text files on their site to a whole new level with Vlogging. Vlogging is a type of marketing for your business through the making of videos that provide viewers with free interesting content that gets them to want to buy from your business.

Let's Talk Money

Google Pay Per Click is arguably the most efficient and most profitable solution for paid advertisements. We can choose keywords for your ads so that when users search these terms on the web, your ads appear. Now there’s a few things to consider, bidding is one thing. Bidding is the price you’re willing to pay in order to have your ads appear to prospective customers. Secondly, you have to consider your radius, google not only lets you choose the keywords, but they also let you choose the geographical radius from your location that you wish to target. The graphical radius is separated into two components, Cities and Kilometers. After you’ve chosen your keywords, your daily/monthly budgets as well as your radius, you’re ready to go. Finally. edit the way you want your ads to look and your marketing ads will appear on google search engine results.

Facebook Ads is similar to the system that google provides, yet there as some substantial differences. Google only charges you if someone clicks on your ad and visits your site. Facebook on the other hand charges you based on impressions. The word impression means how many times someone sees your ad, regardless of how many times they click on your Facebook page, sign up on your website or purchase merchandise from your shop. Typically Facebook offers you a much greater number of impressions for a smaller price, which is great for startups and new businesses. They also provide the advertiser with tools that target their ads on a completely different level than google. In Facebook you can choose to target users based on their gender, interests, age, their employment, their education and followers of specific brands. This has been a game changer for Facebook and this is one of the reasons that Facebook ads remain very attractive.