Website Design – How does it work?

The first step is to call to call us at (647)-895-0340 to get a quote. This will give us a better understanding of your personal or business needs. We are confident you’ll enjoy our competitive pricing, flexible payment plans and the variety of services we offer.

Interested in a new website or re-building your current site?

Next Steps:

      • Then, let’s pick out your domain name (if you don’t already have one). You might have something in mind, such as your company name or something related to your industry. You can search the databases of available .com/.ca/.net/.org domain names by visiting inCloud Server Hosting Domain Search. If the name you have picked out is available, you’re in luck! If not, try switching the words around.


      • Then, we will have to find you a hosting server. we recommend inCloud Server Hosting as they are our preferred partner. Due to the complexity of servers, we will just call it a hosting plan. If you’d rather host your own account, you may purchase a plan with the hosting provider of your choice. Alternatively, we can provide you with hosting plans on our premium servers. To learn more about hosting servers and plans click here.


      • Finally, once you’ve chosen a hosting plan and a domain name from inCloud, we are all set to get started designing your website. Based on your preference we will start choosing color patterns, layouts, and the overall user interface of your website. Our Web Designers will start drawing out your website, and once that’s complete we’ll put paper into code.